Any pool owner will agree that pool heater are a great investment, and they help you and the people using the pool have nice moments in the swimming pool. This article will explain the best ways to care for your aquark swimming pool heaters to avoid calling experts for repairs every now and then. Besides, after purchasing your pool heater, you need to get maximum value for your money, and this means you must take care to maintain the heater.

How to Care and Maintain your Swimming Pool Heaters

Cleaning the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is suited at the bottom of the combustion chamber, and its purpose is to absorb the heat from the burner tray. Apart from absorbing the heat from the burner tray, the heat exchanger enhances the flow of air. Now, when it is clogged and obstructed with dirt, it affects the airflow, which then leads to overheating and soot creation. You need to avoid this by checking the heat exchanger more often and removing any dirt present. Also, check the tube coils for check any corrosion or soot, then use a brush to clear the path for smooth airflow.

Check the Burner Flames

When you get a new pool heat pump, check to ensure all the burners have flames. If one or more aren’t well-ignites, then your burner could be clogged, and you should clean it with a thin wire or a clip of paper. Another thing to inspect in burner flames is the strong blue flame. Otherwise, a red, yellow, or orange flame will mean the presence of soot or a failed fan.

Check and fix any possible Leaks in the heater

Pool heater leakages are a common problem, and when left to persist, they can destroy your machine. Check the connections within the heater if there are possible leakages. Water condensation can as well cause leakages, and this happens during the heating process. However, this shouldn’t make you tremble as the issue will settle once the pool water stabilizes.

Check the Wiring

The safety circuit in the pool heaters has a lot of wiring hidden under the control panel. You need to ensure all the wires are in perfect condition and not destroyed by rodents. Also, the wires shouldn’t be loose but tightly connected to the required ends. You can take a precaution by using small sachets that will keep rodents such as mice away from your pool heater. Otherwise, destroyed wires can affect heat flow and can lead to tripping when the pool heater is in operation.

Heater Floor Cleaning

Your heater should always stay clean. For instance, the bottom of your burner tray is likely to have dirt such as leaves, rust, and any other form of dirt. When left for a long time, the dirt will build up and cause corrosion which will affect the functioning of your heater. Avoid all this by cleaning the heater floor with a brush and a damp cloth.


Once you own a pool heater, that should be the time to relax. You need to take care of and maintain the equipment to ensure you get the most out of it. Otherwise, it won’t serve you your desired purpose.


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