Lightning cables are Apple-specified cables used for charging and data transfer between devices. These cables are quite different than regular charging cables in terms of construction and working.

In contrast, the micro-USB cables are used for android phones, smartphones, and other devices like cameras, tablets, and older products. These cables are completely opposite to lightning cables, both in features and functioning.

Regardless of such a basic difference between these cables, some people still have a lot of questions and confusion about this collection of both cables. For example, why the micro-USB cables cannot be used in Apple devices and how the lightning cables are better than micro-USB cables.

This article will explain to you how lightning and micro-USB cables are different and which one is right for your phone.

1. Connector Pins

The major difference between lightning and micro-USB cables is the number of pins in their connector. Just by looking at the number of pins of both cables, you can distinguish them from one another.

The lightning cables have 8-pin connectors, while the micro-USB cables have 5-pin connectors in them.

2. Charging Speed

The charging speed of cables depends on how much wattage the cable can carry at a particular time.

The lightning cables have much higher wattage than the micro-cables.

Lightning to USB-C cables has up to 87W power adaptor, which makes them ultra-fast for charging and data transfer. However, the latest micro-USB cables have almost 9-18W power adaptors.

3. Applications

The micro-USB cables are designed only for charging and file transfer. However, lightning cables are much more capable than just these two functions.

Other than charging and file transfer, with lightning cables, you can stream heavy audio and video files from your phone to any other device.

4. Durability

As the lightning cables are used for expensive iPhones, the quality of these cables matters a lot to keep the costly saves. These cables are designed with multiple layers that ensure their long-term use and durability. Due to their sturdy construction, a quality lightning cable can resist > 25,000 bends.

However, micro-USB cords are less durable in comparison with lightning cables. A high-quality micro cord can resist up to 10,000 bends.

5. Authorization

The lightning cables have some manufacturing standards that ensure their quality and performance of these cables. To buy these cables, you have criteria to compare the available cables.

On the other hand, there are no manufacturing standards available for micro-USB cables. There are many local and superior brands making these cables. So, when buyers step into the market, he has no standard to compare the cable quality.

6. Safety Features

The authorized lightning cables are resistant to charging risks like over-heating, over-current, and over-charging. These features keep the devices safe and secure. On the other hand, the micro-USB cables are usually sensitive to these risks and get heat-up quickly.

7. Compatibility

The lightning cables are specific for the Apple lineup, including iPhones, iPad, and iPods. But you need to check the compatibility of each lightning cable for your iPhone version.

The micro-USB cables are compatible with smartphones, android phones, android tablets, power banks, speakers, cameras, camcorders, and others.

Ugreen- Site to Compare Lightning and Micro-USB Charging Cables

Knowing about all these factors is not enough to get your job done. For the actual comparison of both the cables, you need to compare them in the online market.

Searching all the cables one by one would be a hassle, so Ugreen brings a complete collection of various lightning and micro-USB cables. On Ugreen’s website, you’ll get a lot of cables on one page, which makes it easier to compare them and pick the most appropriate cable for you.

Make sure to check the official website of Ugreen for product descriptions and more inquiries.

Final Verdict

Whether it’s the lightning cables or micro-USB, a complete understanding of cables is important so the buyer can choose the most suitable cable for their phones.


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