Honor is majorly a telecommunications company that produces and sells mobile and wearable devices. It was launched in 2013 and has since had a major impact in the world of telecommunications. This contemporary mobile phone is uniquely styled with decent features that are usually more than what they are actually worth.

Honor mobile phone products include honor 60 SE, honor 60 pro, honor X30i, honor magic three pros, honor x20 SE, honor 50, honor 50 pros, honor 8a prime, honor 8c, honor v30, etc. A few of these products are higher in cost than others, like the honor 8c cost is less than that of honor 50 lite. The cost differences sometimes predict the reliability of the mobile phone’s features.

Honor mobile phones are not popular as a phone brand, but they made an excellent first impression when they launched. As a mobile device, it has its perks that encourage you to purchase the phone, but there are also cons associated with the product. This article will focus on why you should get a mobile phone, and a few cons will be mentioned as well.

Reasons You Should Get Honor Mobile Phones

Rather than generally stating the reasons you should get honor mobile phones, you will get to know a few of their models and the quality experience you get by using such models.

  • Honor 7 has a speedy internet connection with internet broadband that uses 3G and 4G LTE. The 3G network can work at several frequencies since some countries have a 3G HSDPA frequency use policy. On the other hand, the 4G LTE is faster than 3G in connecting to the internet as it uses a broadband connection of up to 300 Mpbs. Its battery capacity is also excellent with 3100 mAh but may weaken after a few years.
  • Honor 10, just like Honor 7, supports 3G and 4G. It also possesses a fingerprint sensor for security and has good camera features that capture amazing selfies. The phone is excellent for low-light conditions with its featured flash. Other benefits of this model include a dual-sim feature, the latest operating system, speedy processing unit, high memory of 4/6 GB RAM, and 64/128 GB internal memory. The audio features have outstanding noise cancellation with its featured microphone, and it generally charges quickly to 50% in 24 minutes.
  • Honor 50 lite is large-screened with a wide-angle camera at the back’s center that captures lovely pictures and videos. It is handy and light enough to fit into your hand without feeling inconvenient. The battery charge lasts for one-and-half days to two days but provides about seven hours of gaming, sixteen hours of web browsing, and eight hours of video calls. It charges pretty fast, up to 40% of the battery in 10 minutes and 100% in 20-30 minutes. Asstylish as this phone is, it has a few cons that include low storage, no 5G feature, lack of waterproofing, a 60Hz screen, and its underpowered battery feature.
  • Honor 50 lite is quite similar to Honor 50. However, the former has a few shortcomings that make the latter appear superior. The colors available for an honor 50 lite (black, space silver, and deep-sea blue) are not as diverse as the Honor 50, which offers a range of options.


Honor mobile phones are friendly products that feel good to use. Being a new phone model shouldn’t discourage you from getting this phone, but it is advisable to conduct more research before making your purchase. Only three brand models were mentioned above, but they serve as an introduction to what to expect from Honor mobile phones.


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