Vaping is a relatively new industry, but it is growing at an unprecedented speed. The earlier phase might have had no jargon. Currently, new terms such as pod systems have emerged that can prevent a vape prospect from acquiring the correct device.

For instance, a vape pod and mod box are common words in the world of e-cigaratte. And, the numerous terms can throw you into confusion. While a Vape pod is small, the mod is huge, and requires the user to comprehend how different parts fit into each other.

Size matters because a big vape doesn’t restrict you to a single e-liquid. A vape pod suits people who seek to design a safe plan to cease smoking. It is small and accommodates nicotine e-liquid only. A mod is big and allows for flexibility. One can try feeding the atomizer with different e-liquids before settling on the most exciting one.

Perhaps longer battery life is the only outstanding feature that sets a pod from the pack. It is ideal for folks who fancy carrying their pods wherever they go. At, you will find a variety of pod systems waiting for you to explore.

But the million dollar question is, does it support your aspirations as a cloud chaser?

Vape pod systems are generally small.

A Vape mode adopts compact designs that accommodate very little liquid. Also, the small body hosts a small battery that can detect 1-ohm friction in the cartridge.

And as it sounds, the gadget seems to signal that pods are ideal for light-duty functionalities only. It comes as a downright disadvantage to geeks who appreciate big clouds. It runs out of power periodically depriving heavy smokers the chance to drown themselves in smoke.

Cloud lovers find value in the mod because it has an expansive battery system ideal for releasing cloud creation juice. Temperature and heat are the bread and butter for vapor. It excites the liquid elements into vapor form pretty quickly. And in turn enables the deep inhaler to puff out massive amounts of clouds with little effort.

The size of the vape influences puffing.

Smaller pods host small cartridges that handle nicotine salts only. And the smaller batteries work just fine because nicotine can hit all the sensory parts regardless of the amount of heat.

But the small power supply limits a heavy smoker from reaching a day potential. The battery drains out quickly, leaving the user yearning for a bigger capacity. Therefore, cloud lovers will appreciate sizeable batteries that let them enjoy uninterrupted puffing sessions.

Vape pods do not last longer.

How fast the battery drains is subject to a vaper’s frequency of puffing. Users who love to puff do not have the discretion to regulate power. And it means that power reaches the critical point faster.

The conservative users get immense benefits as it allows them to preserve their coils for the future. On the contrary, heavy smokers would have to contend with short supply.

The current vape pod system stands out because it comes with a refillable cartridge. And the user can use the power button to regulate heating. In essence, it allows the user to lengthen the battery’s life.


Cloud chasers may not find value in pod systems because the size limits vaping. Instead, they can go with elaborate systems like a mod box. That way, they can inhale sufficient vapor to form the big clouds as they would love to see. Vape pods  are ideal for quick vapes. Seasoned vapers can make the most out of them when traveling. Because they are compact and easy to handle when outdoors.


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