There are several beliefs regarding how you need to charge the laptop battery and when you should charge it. There is also a belief about where you need to charge it. Regardless of the case, a laptop battery will never last you forever. Therefore, there are critical things you need to be aware of when it comes to handling your laptop and its Batería portatil, and that is where the top laptop battery secrets come in.

Secret 1- Battery Buyer Beware

Purchasing a replacement battery from a genuine company is a sure way to ascertain protection and satisfaction. Several battery manufacturers advertise at low prices. That is, for replacement batteries. Some of the low-price companies are situated overseas. Therefore, they are not subject to safety requirements and manufacturing standards as a company based in China, or the US. To offer lower prices, the companies will:

  1. Set low standard components
  2. Have little to no customer service reps
  3. Exude significant fraud signs

Secret 2- Branded laptop batteries are pricier

There are times when business laptops are used for consumer reasons, and then there are times when it happens the other way round. For that reason, leading name brand companies are often manufactured by third parties. Consumers will often view OEM batteries from brand names such as Dell, HP, and others as superior given their names.

The battery’s brand is often manufactured using a component using different components from different companies such as Texas Instruments and Samsung. LG is also a familiar brand name because of its revered quality and safety. It means for you, the consumer, that you can buy the same laptop brand and its battery as the OEM product or aftermarket. That is usually at a fraction of the original price. There is not going to be a considerable difference between the qualities of the batteries.

Secret 3- Life expectancy varies incredibly

Averagely, the lifespan of a battery is between two to four years. The total lifespan is always dependent on the type of battery and how the computer is taken care of. With the demanding software programs, a computer reaching higher temperatures than expected, coupled with long periods of them not being in use, the battery may lose its capacity even more. A laptop battery will begin to charge once more when the power retained drops to about 95%.

Secret 4- The pricing versus quality

Understanding what to look into when it comes to the price and quality of a laptop battery will play a significant role in your selection process. Paying an estimate of 2-4 times the original price of a brand with the same elements as an OEM is absurd. Even so, it would be best if you did not settle for a substandard product.

Final Thoughts

Laptop batteries are readily available on the market. They are also available in a wide variety. But then again, there are counterfeits, and you need to be knowledgeable about them. The only way you can know how to differentiate the real ones from the fake ones is by understanding the underlying secrets. As shared in this blog post, there is much information to grasp. Hoping it helped!


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