Projectors were originally designed and mostly used for computers and laptops, but nowadays, phones are replacing the same technologies, therefore, phone projectors help to grade up phones in every way possible. Phone projectors are really a wonder that helps transforming your small phone screen into a massive screen, wherever you’re projecting. Whether you go on business travels or vacations with the family, a lightweight, tiny, and capable Vankyo phone projector is a great travel companion.

If you are a travelling person, or someone who loves to travel, or if you are someone that requires to present a lot of presentation then, a phone projector would be the best gadget for you. This article has everything you need to know about phone projectors and where you can get them from.

Phone Built-in Projector Vs Traditional Projector

We are, in actuality, visual beings. 90 percent  of information transferred to the brain is visual, and 63 percent of people are visual learners, according to scientists. The idea, the words, and the graphic must be “seen” by us, and the larger the better. Imagine a projector that could easily mirror your device. A projector that could easily switch to everyone else’s in the room without the need for IT expertise while sharing material directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Types Of Projectors For Your Phone

1. Mini Projector

Mini projectors frequently have an integrated rechargeable battery, and because of their smaller size and less weight, they are considerably simpler to transport and operate while on the road. They are made to connect and disconnect quickly and easily, as well as to effectively communicate critical information to others.

2. Portable Projector

A portable projector is a useful and entertaining addition for all kinds of parties since it gives you the freedom to bring it with you wherever you go, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue. Most projectors make sure you don’t miss any significant details by providing immersive visuals and adequate brightness.

Reasons To Buy Projector For Your Phone

1. Cramped Living Space

Projectors have the advantage of being able to work on any surface, as opposed to just one fixed screen, like televisions. Projectors have the advantage of being able to work on any surface, as opposed to just one fixed screen, like televisions. Therefore, a phone projector should work best for you if your space is constrained or small.

2. Perfectly Budget Friendly

While traditional projectors will cost you a good amount of money, and they are more suitable for conferences, meetings, and classes, but if you’re purpose is plainly home entertainment then a portable or a mini projector should absolutely fit your budget and it would be perfect for your needs.

Expectations Of A Phone Projector

There are of course somethings that you should consider and expect from your mini projector or portable projector for your phone. Below listed are somethings that you should expect from your phone projector.

1. High Resolution (720p or 1080p)

Compared to conventional projectors, phone projectors have substantially smaller form factors. There are currently 720p or 1080p LED projectors available. Choose any resolution if you plan to use the space for home entertainment.

2. High Battery Life

You should definitely expect a good battery life from your phone projector. If you are the camping, hiking or generally an outdoor person, then you should get a phone projector with a high battery life, so that you can go for long time without charging and enjoy it the best.

3. Compatible Connectivity

Make sure to choose a phone projector which has proper compatibility and connectivity with your devices, whatever you are going to use. It is absolutely essential for a projector to have good compatibility and connectivity with a wide range of devices.


Vankyo is the brand that is advised for the best portable projector for your phone, with a spectacular image, sound quality experience, and other features. This brand is highly regarded and affordable to everyone, offering the most recent models in all types of projectors.


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